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Preventative Care

To ensure the operability of your vacuum pumps or vacuum systems and to prevent cost-intensive downtimes, regular preventative maintenance or even overhauls are necessary. Regularly and appropriately serviced vacuum systems maintain the performance of efficiency, reduce operating costs and extent the running time. Hokaido offers flexible maintenance service specifically tailor-made for the requirements.

Hokaido preventative care service refers to regular preventative maintenance which means maxing the availability when you can afford it – scheduled according to your specific operational schedule. When properly maintained with genuine Pfeiffer Vacuum spare parts & tools, our products distinguish themselves with an exceptionally long service life – even in the most demanding operational conditions. This can drastically lower the total cost of ownership.

Hokaido skilled engineering service specialists attend regular training courses to ensure they have the latest knowledge and expertise to offer the right level of service for your systems. We use only genuine spare parts during all of our service and maintenance processes to ensure the high performance levels.

Hokaido has built a impregnable service network to maintain high level of performance of our vacuum systems, enabling us to offer fast-response service for all of our valuable customers throughout the world. The maintenance plan can be tailored to suit your production schedules.


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